09 June 2008

Getting ready to roll

Gas prices are at an all-time high, temperatures are soaring, and crazy weather is happening all over the country - it must be time for Peppy and the Sassy Sisters to start another road trip! I'm doing laundry, making lists of all the things that need to get done before I leave (right!) and hoping I don't forget anything important. After weeks of researching and planning our routes, I'm ready to get going. On this trip, we'll be looking for more roadside giants and anything that's the least bit curious, off-beat, or downright strange. That's why this trip is dubbed Ye Olde Curiosity Tour!

For those of you who are new to riding along with us, here's a quick review of our "Road Rules":
  • Talk to strangers, the stranger the better.
  • Drive on two-lane roads as much as possible.
  • Be off the two-lane roads before dark.
  • Eat at local restaurants (not chains) for every meal possible.
  • Always stop for ice cream, regardless of the hour.
  • Start early and eat breakfast before you go too far...
  • Check the tub before you get naked.
  • If you think you should take a picture, stop, get out of the car, and take it. Go back and take it if you have to.
  • Turning around is advised - you'll always regret that you didn't stop.
  • Stop and see any attraction that costs less than $5, especially if it has great billboards.
  • If there is an alternate route or detour, it's worth a look.
  • If it's a national park, monument, lakeshore, or recreation area, it's worth stopping for. That's why you'll want to have a national park pass!
  • Ask for what you want. Just because a place looks closed doesn't mean you can't go in.
  • Keep your cell phone charged and handy.
  • Laugh loudly and laugh often, especially if you're lost.
  • Have an idea where you're going and do your research so you won't miss anything good.
  • Be prepared to change your mind and your route at any time.
  • Be flexible. Call ahead when you're running late and make alternate arrangements.
  • When you get lost, blame the mapmaker or the road signs instead of the navigator or the driver.
  • Be prepared. Travel with plenty of ice and drinks (always have one beer per person in the bottom of the cooler) and take your favorite snacks, too.
  • Remember all the little stuff you may need - Tide to Go, TP, Sharpies, batteries, paper towels, pocket knives, GPS, etc.
  • Have great music and play it loudly. And sing.
  • Synchronize the date and time on all cameras.
  • Blog or journal and download your pictures every day. It's amazing what you forget! Use a tape recorder, too.
  • Take a file for your memorabilia, maps, tickets, plans, etc. and use it.
  • ALWAYS have a camera with you.
  • 300 miles in one day is a lot to travel on two lane roads with lots to see and do; however long you think it will take, add several hours.
  • Always have plenty of gas in the tank.
  • Remember that the 'rules' are really suggestions - be safe and have fun!

Kim got a big laugh when we came up with all of these rules, since I'm one of those people who thinks rules are for everyone else...

Okay, the dryer is buzzing at me. I can't wait to be on the road again!



Anne said...

OK Sassy Sisters,
Another road trip - can't think of any thing more fun than to be the backseat driver with your two!! Know you will make me proud by cutting an extra wide path across how many states?? The South will truly rise again - it will be like Sherman's March going north!
You know that I'll have to call and check to see who's gotten in the most trouble that day!
Love and hugs, Anne

loren said...

Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you!! What fun! Have a fantastic time. Loren

Glynis said...

Ride on, Sail On, Blog On!! Watch out world--Thelma and Louise are at it again!! Have fun and be safe!!

kathy said...

Can't wait to see what wonderful things ya'll find this year.
Have fun! Kathy.

Jenny said...

Hey you two! Glad to see you made it in time to experience Wilbur Buds! Isn't Lititz a great little town? I'm loving your blog so keep it updated! Live LARGE!

Love ya,

Judy said...

Jan... when you are rolling back through Delaware and Maryland... the Dealers don't want you to know, but if you like antiques, don't miss CRUMPTON, MD... just a little bump in the road, yet 18 wheelers pull up to this field to haul off the most unusual finds you can imagine. It is on MD 290 just as you cross over the MD/DE border on 71. Ask the Locals what day of the week, but I think it is Tuesdays and Saturdays.

I am enjoying your blog...
Have Fun, Judy