11 September 2009

From Loveless to Gasless!

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Welcome aboard!  We're glad you decided to ride along with us this year - Peppy is always happy to have some company, and it should be an exciting trip, since we haven't planned it in advance.  We're just taking a page out of Daddy's book and making it up as we go along, so fasten your seat belts!  Everything is inside out and upside down this trip - I flew over to Nashville where Kim and Peppy picked me up, and Kim's driving and I'm navigating.  This has already proved to be a great example of us not working to our strengths - we had done at least two (maybe three) U-ies before we got out of Nashville, and we came mighty close to running out of gas.  Could be interesting!

Kim had never eaten at the Loveless Cafe before, so that was as far as I'd gotten by way of planning for today.  What a treat!!  Check it out for yourself at www.lovelesscafe.com and check out our pix!  It's been a Nashville institution since 1951, and is famous for its homemade biscuits and jam, fried chicken, breakfast all day, and just FINE country cookin'!  It was almost dark when we arrived, which was great because the neon was looking good and the sky was gorgeous.

There was no line tonight, so we got right down to the business at hand - devouring the hot biscuits set down before us, complete with butter, homemade jam (strawberry and blackberry) and honey.  They were calling to us so loudly we had almost finished them before we remembered to take a picture for you!

And check out those giant glasses of refreshing iced tea with lemon.  I'm in heaven!  Choosing what to eat was no easy task, either.  I'm trying to undo some of the damage I did Down Under, but I had to take a pass at Loveless!  When someplace is famous for fried chicken, you order fried chicken!  Or at least I did.  Kim got grilled catfish, which looked great.  We had both toyed with getting veggie plates - the list was so good!  I settled on slow-cooked green beans and hashbrown casserole and Kim got fried okra and mac & cheese.  We both exhibited a little restraint and didn't clean our plates.  Of course, that was because you know when you walk into a place like this that dessert will find its way to your table.  We split a bowl of peach/blackberry cobbler (with ice cream) and didn't eat all of it either!  We had fun chatting with Tammy, our server.  She was intrigued that we could spend this much time together in a car.  We are so lucky that we like each other and we get along!!  Miles of smiles!
It helps to laugh, especially when your navigator (that would be me, today!) is too ADD to pay attention to the road signs.  But we found our way from the airport to Loveless AND back to the highway.  It was dark thirty by the time we left, so onto the interstate we hopped, bound for Our Old Kentucky Home.  Really!  We'll show you pictures tomorrow!  I was no help at all, as my very early (3 AM) morning had caught up with me and I was soon snoozing while Kim drove.  I woke up in time to help her find the hardly traveled on Bluegrass Parkway, but I didn't notice that the gas tank was on empty.  Or beyond.  Neither did Kim, until we passed the last gas station...
So, for my gratitude journal today, I'm thankful for airplanes that land safely, country cooking, my sister, a car that says it can only go 323 miles but really goes 405, and a 24 hour gas station in a town where nothing is open 24 hours!!  And my iphone, that got us where we were going!

We even found a place to stay, so we're ready to crash tonight and hit the trail - the Bourbon Trail - tomorrow!
Live, but sleepy, from My Old Kentucky Home!

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